I’ve been an engineer for around 2 years now, and an iOS Engineer for less. I love my job. I’ve learnt a bunch and with the ever changing cycle of technology - I’m looking at you WWDC - we are all constantly learning.

I often make copious notes when learning or developing. This, and my passion for formalising opinion, has led me here, creating a blog on a Wednesday night with my 4th coffee of the day.

It will be technical in parts, a scrapbook of thoughts in others. You can expect some notes on various technologies, workflows and projects. For example, I’m diving into Swift UI as I write this, and plan to share findings throughout my journey with it. On the other hand, I’m still learning various snippets of information in regards to workflow optimisations. You can find those here too!

Feel free to reach out on twitter at @danlages1.

Thanks for reading and close Charles proxy.